DOT-LED-Exterior Sign

with illumination "standard" at the Dot

  • Best readability with the combination of DOT+LED
  • Automatical brightness adaptation
  • No power consumption by daylight
  • Text sensitive control of LEDs
  • Low power consumption during twilight+night
  • Text remains even when the vehicle is not active

Detail DOT-LED standard



The DOT-LED display technology is a combination of reflecting bistable electro-magnetic elements (DOTs) with a maintenance free illumination (LEDs). This synergetic effect provides a ho-mogenous illumination and an in all lighting conditions a perfectly read-able display. The appereance of the DOT-Matrix display stays unchanged during day-light. The maintenance free DOT-sign and the long lasting LEDs are economical and provide a low cost operation.


BUSE DOT-LED signs are available in different resolutions and with different DOT sizes of ø10 mm and ø15 mm. The Full-Matrix sign is composed of standard modules, which reduces spare part storage to a minimum. Available from 7- up to 28-lines all executions impress with their colour-intensity and perfect readability. The diverse housings are mounted with assembly kits and allow a flexible adaptation to any built-in situation. Even with full illumination the power consumption is very low (19 x 28: about 250mA).

Detail of DOT-LED "amber"



  • Film surface of the DOTs is available in yellow, red, green and white with different LEDs in amber and white for illumination
  • Dots are provided in ø10 mm and ø15 mm, resolution from: 7- up to 28-lines
  • Single screen safety glass (no reflections because of material distortions)
  • Data import of external systems possible
  • Data supply all with IBIS data sets acc. to VDV300 for exterior signs
  • Comfortable Destination-Editor for data- and character set administration
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