MULTI-Function Sign

in modern LCD (TFT) Technology

  • Optimal presentation of all passenger information
  • Fast data up-date with USB-Stick
  • Compact unit (all in one)
  • Data transmission effected by IBIS board control
  • Free choice of layout forms and shades
  • Connection of slave-monitors possible


LCD (TFT) MULTI-Funtion signs res-pond to the growing demand for passanger information in the vehicle interior. Besides "Next Stop", (endless) follow-ing destinations, final stop, line num-ber, "Vehicle Stops" and other important information are presented to the passenger. Complete coverings or presentations with split-screen as well as reports of films and audio files perfect the possibilities of this system. By using that information system travelling gets easier also for foreign passengers.


The high luminous destination line display in LCD (TFT) technology with CCFL-Backlight provides even in poor lighting conditions optimal readability. The diverse housing constructions and colours take into account diverse vehicle built-in spaces and customer requirements. The housing is mounted with assembly kits which allow a flexible adap-tation to any built-in situation. Windows XP Embedded Operation System provides shortest booting times. Any time it provides a direct shut down of the operation voltage (no run when not in use).


  • Optional further data interfaces are available, as for example Ethernet, WLAN, GSM...
  • Announcement Technology
  • The full graphic screen offers a completely free design of layouts
  • Designs depend on used data records and its analysis
  • For built-in or add-on situations
  • After activation the front processor provides a directly operational IBIS system
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