IBIS-Control Unit

IBIS-Compact unit with integrated download interface

  • User-friendly operation board
  • Backlighted LCD-Display and Softkeys
  • Available as IBIS-Board Control option
  • Download interface for display systems

Detail IBIS-Control Unit BS 230



The IBIS-Control unit BS230 is a compact small unit with comfortable download function for display systems. Due to it's size, it can be mounted in almost any built-in situation. The high quality workmanship and the easy operation guarantee a long lasting and reliable use. The BS 230 option is supplyed with extended IBIS performance for control of interior signs, announcement techno-logy and other peripheral devices.


The display is fully designable. The menu controlled operation provide the choice of functions with softkeys. The meaning of the keys is always indicated on the display below or over the corresponding button. Flexible menu functions and the smart user concept helps the driver with choices and in-put of new com-mands. Switching between the two directions is effected by pushing the corres-ponding button. It is also possible to have an extensive insertion of time on the screen.


  • Compact-Flash-Card insertion
  • Option available as high performance IBIS Control unit
  • Clear user pad with a small number of buttons
  • Menu and functions can be assigned, renamed or extended
  • Can be implemented in the exterior sign
  • Through regulation of brightness and contrast the readability on the screen is individually adaptable
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