On-board computers BS100

An On-board computer is the heart of each vehicle
The backlight keyboard (OPTION) and the data record on memory card are determined for controlling all peripheries compatible according to VDV 300 (IBIS) and devices connected to interface TIA/EIA 485, 232 (RS 485, 232), resp. CAN in public transport vehicles as a part of control and passenger information system in the required configuration. For example exterior and interior signs in any technology (DOT, DOT-LED, LED, multicolour LED, LCD, VFD, TFT), also the digital acoustic and ticketing system, switches and traffic lights setups, GPS location devices compatible according to VDV 300 (IBIS). The construction and the software enable the driver use in a manual operation mode or in the mode for automatic next stop switching, autonomous vehicle location by means of GPS and timetable scanning, resp. in the range of DCS.

Interface IBIS, TIA/EIA-485, CAN with IBIS, BUSE and customised communication protocols.

On-board computer BS 100

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