Video Protection System

for bus and train

  • Individually adjusted acc. to your requirements
  • 48* months guarantee
  • Police recommend video protection in bus and railways
  • Video protection is a preventive measure to save costs


Buse video protection is a consistent system with components that are exactly adjusted to your requirements and those in different vehicles. We are always thinking ahaed in max even small protection systems can be extended and are fully integrated in the whole system. The installation of our video protection system always guarantees best performance and service for each execution regardless if you choose a low cost or high end solution.


The video protection system is individually adapted to your needs and requirements. The extensive range of integrated system components secure an installation which optimally fullfills its tasks. These solutions do not contain excessive specials and do not include unnecessary costs. The range goes from high resolution SW-cameras to extrem lightintense colour cameras. It is also possible to choose between low cost systems and high end video protection systems with 8 cameras for each recorder. From PC connec-tion and GPS support up to control monitors for the driver.


Higher acceptance and more frequent use of public transport by new target groups require a higher level of protection in the vehicles. A survey of passengers ended with the result that without video protection systems customers feel insecure and threatened by vandalism and past experience throughout rioting and loutishness. Hooligans can no longer act anonym. Europe demonstraits that buses and trams with video protection systems have about 90% less vandalism.
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