Announcement Technology

optional in two variants*

  • Digital storage in modern MP3 format
  • High quality reproduction using min. storage space
  • Memory capacity can be extended
  • Futher interfaces are possible (f.ex. CAN)
  • Loading of speech data and operation software by Compact-Flash-Card

Detail Announcement Technology



During travel the passenger is sup-plied with all required informations by digital announcements. Besides the visual presentation on dis-plays the paralle on going announce-ment is an important service and is highly appreciated by visually impaired people. The announcement unit of BUSE provides high sound quality utilizing little memory space in MP3 format. Generally the takeover of older data as for example self produced syn-thetic announcements, is no problem after technical clarification.


The BS200 is available in two executions for automatic announcements for passengers. It is deliverable as a compact unit with its own amplifier or only as a device for announcements. In that case there is already an amplifier in the vehicle and the signal uses the microphone line. The speech memory is stored in in-ternet MP3 format utilizing little memory space and with a high reproduction quality. The BS200 Announcement unit is available with a modular housing or as 19“ unit for different built-in situations.


  • IBIS slave interface according to VDV 300 for control of the digital announcements
  • Single control entries for special announcements
  • Storage of announcement data in FLASH-proms, programming is effected „on board“
  • With regard to enviroment noises an automatic regulation of the announcement volume is possible
  • Further plug-ins for more interfaces and memory expansion

* not every performance feature is avaliable for every variant.
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