LCD-Interior Sign

with backlight by maintenance free LED Technology

  • Clear and contrasting typeface
  • Wide view angle
  • Available in different shades
  • Maintenance free with LED backlight
  • Homogeneous typeface

Detail LCD-Interior Sign



LCD-Interior signs are always re-quired when a clear and contrasting typeface is of importance. The homogeneous typeface and the advantage to choose different char-acter shades makes that display technology very popular for internal vehicle use and explains the wide ac-ceptance by passengers. The backlighting by LED technology keeps LCD-Interior signs mainte-nance free.


The BUSE LCD-Interior sign with LED backlight convinces with its transflective quality which provides a perfect readability in all lighting condi-tions. The unit is available with and without separate "Vehicle Stops" (STOP). Diverse standard information for ex-ample "Next Stop" or "capital/small letters" are activated by dip-switches. The different housing constructions and shades take into account various requirements regarding vehicles and customers.


  • Writing available in following shades: White, amber and yellow
  • Available with or without separate "Vehicle Stops" or „Stop“- Display
  • Alternating insertion of "Vehicle Stops" on the display
  • Options of insertions of informa-tion as f. ex. "Next Stop", small/ capital lettering etc.
  • For add-on or fit-in installation in the vehicle

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