LED-Interior Sign

in high quality LED-Technology

  • Robust, reliable technology
  • Presentation of approx. 30 characters possible
  • Wide view angle
  • Long working life
  • LED-Displays available in different shades
  • Maintenance free

Detail LED-Interior Sign



By continously taking into account wishes to be informed the LED-Interior sign not only offers stade of the end technology but is also an economical solution. For this reason it has assured its place on the mobil information system market. LED-Interior signs of BUSE provide a very good readability in all lighting conditions due to their high luminous LEDs. It is an economical and maintenance free technology for indoor use. The LED signs are available with LEDs in red, yellow and amber.


BUSE LED-Interior signs are good to read due to their pleasant typeface and are composed of highly luminous and long lasting LED-Techno-logy. The sign is attainable with or without separate "Vehicle Stops" (STOP). The diverse housing constructions and colours take into account diverse built-in vehicle spaces and customer requirements.


  • Available with LEDs in: red, yellow and amber
  • With or without separate "Vehicle Stops" or „Stop“ Display
  • Alternating insertions of "Vehicle Stops" on the display
  • Options of presentations as for example insertion of "Next STOP", capital/small lettering etc.
  • As built-in or add-on unit available
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